Network Design

Network Designs & Implementation:

Our technician will work with you to design your Local Area Network (LAN)
or Wide Area Network (WAN) to meet your specific needs. We will make
every effor to assist you in working within the confines of your budget in an
effort to let your network suit your needs. We are aware that while we
would all like to have the perfect network infrastructure, we will work
within your financial limitations.

Network Infrastructure:

We provide New Installations, Upgrade Old Cabling Systems and Expand
Existing Cabling Systems. We also install & configure security cameras,
wireless networks, VoIP telephones & standard phone systems. We staff
Microsoft Certified Technicians that can troubleshoot problems that are not
related to cabling.

  • Wireless Networks
  • LAN's, WAN's & Home Networks
  • Remote Access
  • Remote Administration
  • VPN's (Virtual Private Networks)
  • Cabling Installation
  • Cable/DSL Modem Installation & Sharing
  • Server Installation & Configuration
  • Rack Systems - Design & Installation
  • Network Administration & Security
  • Firewalls
  • Email Servers
  • Web Servers
  • Consulting

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