PC Design & Repair

If you are an architect, music producer, video editor, gamer, medical
professional, teacher, research specialist or just a normal PC user we
will design and build a computer to meet your specific needs. Even if
you prefer to purchase from of the major manufacturers (Dell, Sony,
Toshiba, Gateway or HP/Compaq) we will help you customize their
product to meet your needs!

  • In Home or Office Computer Repairs
  • Virus Detection & Removal
  • Spyware Detection & Removal
  • System Troubleshooting & Diagnostics
  • Data Backup & Restoration
  • Cable or DSL Modem Installation & Troubleshooting
  • Home or Business Networking/Internet Sharing
  • System Lockups/Crashes
  • Hard Drive Backups & Recovery
  • Hardware & Software Installation
  • Computer Upgrades
  • Extended Warranties
  • General Consulting
  • And Any Other Problem You May Have

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